Good Boy – The Dog

Matt Good Boy Leave a Comment

It’s about time I put the Good Boy into Good Boy. The last couple of days have been solely dedicated to programming the dog’s AI.

In it’s current state it moves like a roomba. While waiting for a command it picks a random location in the world and attempts to walk there.

When the player throws a ball, the dog will go to where it landed and pick it up. When the “Come” button is pressed the dog will return the ball and then go back into roomba state.

The roomba state just represents the dog being bored and looking for something to do. My hope is that in the final game the dog will look explore the environment for a few seconds, then sit down, lie down, and go to sleep depending on how long he’s been waiting. This is what happened in Good Boy V2, and although the placeholder animations were pretty rough, it definitely gave the dog more character.

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