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I feel like I’ve been making loads of progress on the gameplay side. So far I have:

  • A camera with smooth movement and zoom
  • a human (box) character that can walk around and interact with things
  • the character can also throw and pick up balls
  • a dog (small box) character that can retrieve balls thrown by the human character.

And despite the work I’ve done so far, it still only looks like a few boxes moving around on the screen, so over the last few days I’ve focused on character art.

Male Base Mesh – Modified to be wearing a hoodie and jeans

The human mesh is something I had from a few years ago, a base mesh with no features, and no face. I modified the mesh, gave him some jeans with rolls at the bottom, and added a hood. After this I rigged him and put some mixamo animations on. This character and animations are temporary. As soon as I showed Jake, the 3D Artist who made the dog for Good Boy V2, found out I was working on Good Boy again, he offered his services again. I’ve given him the job of making the human. He’s got other jobs on too, so he said he’ll have it done for me in a few months, so I’ll make do with this faceless hoodlum for now.

I’ve not reused the dog from Good Boy V2, I instead bought a dog model from CG Trader ( This is because I wanted the change the art style up a bit, and I wanted the dog to be a puppy, at least to start with. I’ve changed the textures on the dog, so he won’t look too similar to how he looks on other people’s projects with him in.

I haven’t added any animations onto the dog yet, he still moves like a roomba.

So far the character has a run and a walk, and depending on how far away the destination is, he’ll walk/run at a different speed. I thought this would work nicer than a character who sprints everywhere, or a character that walks slowly.

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