Good Boy – Basic Level Art, Tutorial Levels

Matt Good Boy Leave a Comment

I gave myself the task of creating a few levels for the purposes of play-testing. I started by making the ground because the grey squares were less than appealing. It’s pretty basic, but at the moment I’m just trying to make an impression.

I created a door so the player has something to aim for.

I made a portal to go into the doorway.

I made three levels for the player to get to grips with the basic controls. I wanted to introduce each mechanic one by one:

  1. Walking
  2. Using Switches
  3. Throwing ball

I’ll introduce the dog in approximately Level 4; by then the player should be ready to learn the extra mechanics.

I have basic tutorial message boxes appear at certain points to inform the player what’s going on. At the moment it doesn’t incorporate any sort of narrative, but in the future I’ll attempt to tell a story by using character dialogue in the place of the tutorial messages.

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