Good Boy – More Complex Artwork, Basic Dialogue, Ball Trajectory Visualisation

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I’ve spent the last few days trying to improve the art style of the game. The result isn’t what I want; I think I was closer to the art style before, with bright, block colours. The art style needs to be cute, and in its current form it looks like it’s taking itself too seriously. My next job is to redo the art assets to see if I can get closer to the cute style I want. I’ll make some rounded modular floor assets that I can throw in and play with to make a nicer, rounder world, than the Minecraft esque blocks I have at the moment.

Other than that, I’m pretty happy with the progress I’ve made since the last post. Previously, the ball trajectory prediction was formed from debug spheres, which wouldn’t have been visible in the release build.

I also improved the tutorial boxes functionality. It now acts as more of a dialogue box, where I can select if it’s a tutorial or speech from the human or dog.

The dog still leaves a lot to be desired. I’m planning on fixing the AI so he is less skittish, and adding animations to him. One thing I want to do is make him avoid certain things unless it’s to follow a ball. As seen in the video he runs around and activates pressure triggers, which will result in the player having an easier time.

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