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A couple of friends gave me the idea to create a game similar to Among Us, but use Unreal Engine to make it into an immersive 3D experience. Among Us has been a huge success and I’ve seen a few people online asking “What would it look like in UE4 with raytracing?” This is quickly answered with a google search, because other people have done this already. That’s why I won’t stick with the source material, this project will be inspired by, but not a clone of Among Us.

The goal is to make it a bit scarier than the original by combining it with games like Dead by Daylight and Deceit. This will also add some diversity to some of the tasks, which I sometimes find a bit lack-luster.

Dead by Daylight –

The game will have more of an over-the-shoulder perspective rather than the top-down view Among Us has. This should make it feel more like a horror game, because the player is in with the action. With the gameplay being in 3D, any tasks taken from Among Us will be adjusted to suit. Any tasks that require nothing more than a button press, such as “Refuel Engines”, will be modified to utilise the extra dimension.

Among Us – Refuel task –

Being a programmer, my role in this project will be the functionality and mechanics, so the posts on this blog will be mainly focusing on that area rather than the design/visuals. I have a few friends who will be contributing to the project (Art, Design, etc) in the future, and if they set up blogs for their contributions I’ll make sure to share a link. Until I have an artist I’ll be using assets purchased from the Unreal Engine Marketplace.

I’ll try to post on here as often as I can, whenever I have something worth sharing.

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