One of Us – Player Movement and Attack

Matt One of Us Leave a Comment

I’ve grabbed a mesh and a few animations from Mixamo to set up the basic movement for the players. The player location is replicated through the character movement component and is generally pretty good, but I’m noticing some jittering on the animations, so I’ll have to take a closer look into that at some point.

I’ve also added the ability for the players to kill each other with a punch. The player characters determine who they will attack based on a sphere collision. Whoever is closest to the pawn when the attack button is pressed will be attacked. I’m also considering taking player view into account, so the killer is more likely to attack a player if they are facing them.

During the punch animation, a trigger is fired which tells the clients to set the mesh simulating physics and also adds an impulse to throw the killed player away. The impulse might be a bit too powerful.

At the moment all of the characters are able to attack, which I will also have to limit to the killer in future.

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