One of Us – Colour Customisation, Ready Up Box, Killer Selection, Kill Cooldown

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I added a dynamic instanced material to the player character so they can change colour. At the moment by pressing C a player can change their colour, but in future I’ll add this feature to an object like the laptop on Among Us, or just limit it so the players can only customise while they’re in the lobby, before the game has started. I also have to prevent players from sharing colours to make them more easily identifiable, and give them a starting colour so they don’t all start blue.

I also added a box for players to ready up. I started by adding collision overlaps onto the box so it knows when a player joins and leaves the ready box. In future I’ll make the decal shorter so it’s not projecting the image onto the player’s heads.

I then added a counter for how many players are in the ready box at one time. It compares it with the Player Array inside the Game State, so it knows when to start the game.

After that I added a timer handle to count down from five seconds. If a player leaves before the time is up it cancels the timer. After the countdown has reached zero the Game State picks a killer and makes them red. This is only temporary while I test the killer’s abilities only work on the red player.

My next job was to nerf the killer’s kill ability. I’ve set it to five seconds at the moment but in future I’ll change the default to about thirty seconds and give the host the ability to adjust it.

I then added a bit of polish to the role announcement in the form of a widget. When the killer is announced they see the message “You are the killer, but don’t tell anyone, they won’t understand” while the victims see “You are a crewmate, repair the base, but be careful, one of us is a murderer”. I’ll likely change the messages when the theme of the game is decided in future.

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