One of Us – Modular Doors and Walls

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I made a door actor and gave it a box component to detect player overlaps. When a player approaches the door it slides open. To save time building levels I added an enum for door type and set the mesh depending on that. The level builder can choose between a small single door, large single door or two large double doors. I also set the door size depending on the mesh bounds so the doors always open the correct amount no matter what size it is. The doors also had inconsistent pivot points so when setting the door size I had to take that into account so they always opened the correct amount. The wall around the door also adjusts due to the hole needing to be bigger.

The asset pack I was using had separate pieces for each side of a wall, so it made it ideal for making a modular actor. I exposed an enum to the world like I did the door, so while building the map I can duplicate any wall and then change it to another type if it needs it. This should definitely speed up level building in the future.

Door and Wall assets by SilverTM

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