One of Us – Killer Cloak, Engine Refuel Task

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A feature I thought would be really interesting is for the killer to change form into another player. This would make the killer look exactly like them for a limited time, and cause mischief in order to lead people to falsely accuse an innocent player, or to give the impression that a dead player is still alive. This would be totally obvious to spot a killer if they cloaked in front of a group of people, so it would mean the killer has to find a player on their own and distracted with a task so they don’t see the killer approach them. Implementing this was quite an easy task because I was able to reuse the majority of the customisation code. If in future name-plates are added above the players I’ll also have to change that to finish the disguise.

I mentioned in my first post about the Engine Refuel task only requiring you to hold your click. For this one I decided to make it a bit more interesting. Using a computer console, the player must control a cannon to fire radioactive barrels into a cavity below the engine to fill the fuel tanks. When the tanks are full (6 barrels by default) the player has completed the task. It may be a bit more challenging than the original but I believe it’s a lot more interesting.

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